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Concrete stain flooring has become one of the more popular options for modern home design elements with many unique designs. From mimicked materials to uniquely created floors, you can enjoy a wide range of choices for your home’s upgrade needs.


Stained concrete floors build from the polished cement process, but it includes dyes added after exposing the cement’s surface pores. And while you could spend hours watching online videos that teach how to stain concrete, your best bet is us.

Epoxy Floors St. George, Utah still offers the best in polished and concrete floor stain for your home’s new surfaces. As your trusted choice in St. George, UT, we guarantee better flooring results for your projects, no matter your preferences.


Whether you have designs you have sketched out or saw an example on TV, we provide superior stained concrete installations. Contact us to start planning your upgraded flooring systems and see the difference we can make for your home now.

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Stained Concrete Services in St. George UT

Creating your stained concrete surfaces require us to begin installing your floors as if they were polished cement systems instead. However, once our sanding pads reveal the exposed pores of the concrete, it’s ready to take color dyes for designs.

Acid Stained Concrete Floor UT

Introducing stains to your floors comes in two primary flavors, reactive dyes and non-reactive colors, which determine how they stick. Reactive chemicals bond to the limestone present in cement, ensuring it doesn’t fade, while non-reactive options prove useful during customization.

From mimicking other building materials to keeping your style needs simple, we can achieve any stained concrete floors you need. Contact us now to start planning out your flooring improvement project today, and save more on your installations for:

  •         Acid Stain
  •         Water-Based Stain
  •         Solvent-Based Stains
  •         Powdered Dyes
  •         Epoxy Concrete Overlays
  •         Concrete Floor Repair & Resurfacing
  •         Interior Stained Surfaces
  •         Exterior Concrete Staining
  •         Free Service Estimates
  •         And more stained concrete solutions.

No matter where you have cement surfaces that need help looking their best, you can count on our service contractors. Why continue to settle for beige carpets and gray concrete patios when you could have one-of-a-king flooring and exterior walkways?

St. George UT Epoxy Floor Coatings

For how few materials get used in building your new interior epoxy floors, you have a shocking amount of options. We offer a variety of choices for solvents, durability ratings, colors and patterns, and more design elements for your home.

From single-color systems to uniquely created surfaces, we offer the solutions you need to see installed at affordable daily pricing. Whether you intend to upgrade one room or your entire home, we can complete any requests that you have now.

Whatever epoxy floor coatings you need installed, we guarantee expert quality results for any improvement projects that need our help. Contact our installation services team today to discuss your custom resin surfaces, and more, including our affordable options for:

  •         Solids-Based Epoxy Floors
  •         Water-Based Systems
  •         Self-Leveling Epoxy Coatings
  •         Self-Dispersing Resin Floors
  •         Mortar Epoxy, AKA “Concrete Epoxy”
  •         Graveled Epoxy Coatings
  •         Epoxy Terrazzo
  •         Metallic Epoxy Floors
  •         Garage Epoxy Coatings
  •         And other floor coating types.

No matter what ideas you have for us, or which interior spaces need maintenance services, you can count on us. Call our contractors now to request your free installation quote, or to begin designing your personalized epoxy floor coatings today.


Solids-Based Epoxy Floors

It doesn’t get more durable than epoxy floors free from additives and solvents, creating a longer-lasting surface bond to concrete.

Water-Based Systems

When a room is already moist with ambient humidity, water-based epoxy works best as it holds up to moisture better.

Solvent-Based Stains

Solvent-based concrete flooring stains appear similar to water-based products, but they use alcohol or acetones as additives for unique finishes. The final appearance of your floors achieves an even, unified, and more opaque look that mimics marble or epoxy floors.  

Powdered Dyes

Powdered concrete flooring dyes cannot get used outdoors as they rely on an acetone base for their unique coloration effects. However, they offer many more design choices, and they can get applied before polishing instead of after as chemical stains.

Epoxy Concrete Overlays

Sometimes, your concrete slab doesn’t seem like an ideal candidate for sanding pads to cut into the surface for stains. Whether high humidity levels or structural concerns, an epoxy concrete overlay leaves it looking great while improving its overall durability.

Repair & Resurfacing

One of the primary reasons why St. George homeowners choose concrete flooring is for its durability and ease of maintenance. When it does need upkeep and repairs, we can fix, resurface, and keep it looking its best for many years.

Interior Stained Surfaces

Some concrete flooring stains remain ideal for indoor use, but they would soon fail once installed in exterior living areas. Inside, however, these stains stay fade-resistant far better than wood, carpet, or even tile and grout floors can take daily.

Exterior Concrete Staining

Exterior concrete stains can’t have bases or additives that would fail under direct UV exposure, limiting some of your options. However, acid-based dyes achieve a lifetime of gorgeous colors and custom patterns, enhancing your home’s exterior décor and curb appeal.

The Best St. George Stained Concrete Contractors Near Me

Staining your interior or exterior cement surfaces takes time, effort, and the right tools for your most successful flooring projects. When you hire someone without the experience or know-how, they could leave you concrete floors that quickly crack and fade.

Worst yet is purchasing a cheap Do It Yourself kit that only coats the surface like paint products. When you need expert-quality results for a lifetime of gorgeous floors, choose our team.

Hire Epoxy Floors St. George, Utah for longer-lasting stained concrete floors.