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Polished Concrete Floors in St. George UT

No matter how dense your floor tiles, it only takes one heavy bookbag to leave them chipped, cracked, or broken. When carpet and hardwood don’t prove any better, polished concrete floors remain the best way to keep your home beautiful.

Concrete polishing takes a cement surface and sands it down, utilizing industrial sanding pads tipped with artificial diamonds for glossiness. When contactors begin polishing concrete for your floors, it means using your foundation slab as the base for your decorative surfaces.

When you need to keep your polished concrete floor cost lower without sacrificing quality, choose Epoxy Floors St. George, Utah. As your experienced source for St. George, UT, flooring installation contractors, we guarantee better flooring results for less every day.

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What are Polished Concrete Floors?

polished Concrete st.george

Polished concrete floors, like epoxy systems, initially were used in commercial and industrial settings for its long-lasting durability and affordability. Compared to traditional flooring materials, you can enjoy a customized surface for your home for less over hardwood or tile.

Best of all, your floors outperform virtually any other type of other systems you could purchase, including natural stone options. Cured cement remains among the most impenetrable materials found in your home, so why not benefit from it for floors?

Unlike wood panels, tiles and grout, carpet and rugs, and others, you won’t have lots of maintenance and upkeep requirements. Installing polished concrete flooring not only adds tons of value to your home, but they maintain affordable service costs with:

  •         Superior Impact Resistance
  •         Scratch, Scuff, & Stain Resistant
  •         Fade-Resistant Designs
  •         Ideal for Furniture
  •         Many Design Choices
  •         Simplified Cleaning
  •         Straightforward Upkeep
  •         Long-Lasting Sheen
  •         And more lasting benefits.

St. George UT Polished Concrete Flooring Contractors

As your expert team of installation contractors, we can create any set of polished concrete floors you need to see. From highly reflective surfaces to muted carpet-like designs, we can assist you best in bringing your installation ideas to life.

And with a wide range of stains, designs, and polishing techniques, no two floors ever look identical to one another. Contact our installation contractors today to start discussing your custom creations, and save more on new surfaces and more with:

  •         Cream Polish Floors
  •         Salt & Pepper Polish
  •         Medium Aggregate Polished Floors
  •         Large Aggregate Flooring
  •         Flat Finish Floors
  •         Satin Finish Surfaces
  •         Low Gloss Flooring
  •         Semi-Polished Floors
  •         High Gloss Surfaces
  •         Free Service Estimates
  •         And more polished concrete floors.

Cream Polish

Choosing a cream polish for your concrete floors means that it barely cuts into the surface of the cement slab. The resulting appearance becomes a smooth and even design that accepts coloration stains and dyes well compared to other sheens.

Salt & Pepper Polish

Your salt and pepper finished concrete floors strike a balance between natural cement and mechanical sanding for classic design elements. These surfaces build from a cream polish and expose small aggregates from the limestone, creating the final “peppered” flooring appearance.

Medium Aggregate Polished Floors

Once we start exposing more of the stone and sand from the cement surface, the “pepper” gets much more substantial. Not all contractors can achieve bigger aggregates for your floors successfully, as they require skilled hands to get right daily.

Large Aggregate Flooring

When you need to see the classic egg-shaped larger concrete aggregates for your floors, we need to grind down further. These floors often require us to wear down your surfaces to a quarter of an inch to fully expose aggregates.

Flat Finish Floors

Combining masonry mortar with your already durable epoxy creates a floor that feels like it can survive any daily hazard.

Satin Finish Surfaces

A satin finish for polished concrete lends a milky industrial look, as you begin to see reflections from overhead lighting. By creating a more matte effect with about 400-grit sanding process, you can enjoy slight reflective properties that look great.

Low Gloss Flooring

Residential homes can feel unusual when discussing how much glossiness proves the ideal amount for your family’s interior living spaces. When you need a little brightness without the fear of going too far, lower sheens work well with brighter designs.

Semi-Polished Floors

The shinier your polished concrete floors become, the more elegant they look when used in dining areas and other rooms. Lighting reflections start to pop much sooner with these surfaces, making them ideal for lower light areas of your home.

High Gloss Surfaces

Some homeowners have the attitude of if you’re already going for polished concrete floors, why not make it highly reflective? Once guests enter high gloss rooms, it creates tons of wow factor that won’t fade soon.

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