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One reason why more homeowners continue to adopt updated resin surfaces is the beauty of custom metallic epoxy floor installation. When it feels as though your place looks like any other home in the St. George, UT, hire our team today.

At Epoxy Floors St. George, Utah, we continue to create customized flooring projects with artistic designs and expert service contractors. Whether you need to maintain a lower metallic epoxy floor cost or skilled installation providers, you can count on us.

We have produced more types of patterns, colors, flooring techniques, and more solutions, keeping your home looking its best daily. When you hire us for metallic epoxy floor coatings, it means giving your residence a superior set of surfaces, and:

Residential Home Metalic Epoxy Flooring st.George

  •         Improved Daily Durability
  •         Impact, Scratch, & Scuff Resistance
  •         Corrosion Defense
  •         Spilled Liquid Protection
  •         Stain Resistant Floors
  •         Long-Lasting Designs
  •         Custom Coloration
  •         And more reasons to change.

Whether you plan on selling your home later this year, or you need new floors, chose us. We guarantee gorgeous new flooring that you will love for years, all at affordable installation costs for any improvement projects.

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What Makes My Epoxy Floors Metallic?

The additives used to create metallic epoxy floor coatings are powdered metal pigments that stir into the resin and hardener. Once it pours into place and cures, your designs won’t smudge, fade, or wear out, unlike with other flooring materials.

Even daily sun exposure will have little to no impact on your new surfaces, leaving them performing well for years. No matter how much foot traffic or everyday hazards it faces, your daily upkeep and cleaning stay easy and affordable.

The colors and dyes used also create three-dimensional pattern effects as some materials rise or sink in the resin compound. From liquified metal-looks and magma styles to false marble and stones, we can complete any flooring request you have for:

  •         Single-Color Systems
  •         Multiple Coloration Options
  •         Liquid Magma Appearance
  •         Molten Metal Epoxy
  •         Cosmic Clouds
  •         False Natural Stone
  •         Faux Marble Flooring
  •         Mimicked Hardwood
  •         Fake Tile Floors
  •         Seamless Flooring Systems
  •         And more metal epoxy flooring choices.

From elegant design options to something wild and unique, we can complete any requests you have for your installation needs. Contact our team to see why we remain the trusted choice for epoxy flooring systems and more throughout St. George.

Single-Color Systems

Keeping your colors unified to one hue helps to achieve a more concise look, as well as more natural-looking floors. When you need to see a realistic clone of other flooring materials, it may help to stick with one shade.

Multiple Coloration Options

Most metallic flooring projects can utilize several colors at once to capture the natural look of woods, stones, and marble. We can help you narrow down your ideal combination of hues, or choose those that work the best blended together.

Liquid Magma Appearance

The natural wonder and fury of fresh liquid magma can get enjoyed from the safety and comfort of your sofa. These textures and patterns work well to introduce an energetic feeling into your interior living spaces and elegant dining rooms.

Molten Metal Epoxy

If you think the magma look is cool, wait until you see what we can do with mimicked molten metal. Ideal for any interior room looking for a bold new look, we can capture many different textures, patterns, and colors.

False Natural Stone

Luxury natural stone floors can cost a fortune, and some materials show wear and tear faster than you had anticipated. Enjoy fake stone surfaces without the hassle or the expense by hiring our installation contractors for your epoxy floor coatings.

Faux Marble Flooring

White surfaces with darker swirls create a marble-like effect that can look like the real deal or follow other designs. From faithful recreations to unique colors and patterns not found in nature, we can create any coatings your home needs.

Mimicked Hardwood

Metallic epoxy coatings can, surprisingly, create mimicked hardwood floors that appear like natural lumber panels without their higher installation costs. When you need the appearance of wood without the softer surfaces prone to scratches, it means a lovely home interior.

Fake Tile Flooring

Tile flooring continues to prove popular, but they also require lots of hard work to get installed correctly, costing more. We can mimic the appearance of tiles and grout without the added materials, elbow grease, or expenses for your home.

Seamless Flooring Systems

Homeowners don’t realize how jarring a floor’s seam can be until they no longer have one from installing epoxy coatings. Unified colors, customized patterns, and mimicked materials can all enjoy a seamless surface at lower costs by hiring our contractors.

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Take control of your metallic epoxy flooring project today and choose us at Epoxy Floors St. George, Utah.