Epoxy Floor Designs That are Durable

Epoxy floor designs that are durable

It’s no secret that homeowners grow tired of the same carpet and tile products when they want to remodel their home. However, many are making the change to unique epoxy floor designs that are durable. These resin-based systems pour on as a liquid and cure into a hardened shell. Once in place, they offer years of performance with low maintenance.

Keep in mind though, that you won’t achieve the results a professional would with store-bought kits. It takes years of experience to get your job right on the first try.

Continue learning more about these epoxy floor designs that are durable, and then hire us at St. George Epoxy Flooring Pros for installation services.

Choosing the Best Applications for Your Home

One of the primary questions homeowners have is, “will epoxy make my home look cheap?” Thankfully, the answer is anything but, and you can enjoy many different styles. No matter what option suits your home best, you can have them installed quickly. The right team can also help you save a ton on labor.

Today’s homeowners have access to a wide range of unique flooring options. When you choose a company like ours, it means hiring experienced professionals for:

> Garage Floor Epoxy
> Epoxy Floor Coatings
> Metallic Epoxy Floors
> Self-Leveling Floors
> Self-Dispersing Epoxy
> Solids-Based Epoxy Floors
> Water-Based Epoxy
> Epoxy Mortar Floorings
> Quartz Epoxy Surfaces

Each type of resin flooring product has its pros and cons, and some of them work best in specific applications. Rule of thumb is to always check with a contractor first to understand what options are best for your situation.

Garage Floor Epoxy

One of the more popular choices for epoxy flooring is in home garages. Unlike other living spaces, you have a variety of options. Most commonly, people enjoy using denser types of resin, or something more metallic. Car collectors, especially, prefer a showroom-like finish for where they store vehicles.

Those with lots of power tools will love how sturdy the surface is. Even after losing your grip on a hammer or wrench, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that it will barely leave a dent.

Maintaining these floors is also straightforward, although you may need maintenance. In heavily trafficked areas, your epoxy will wear out faster than in other areas.

Epoxy Floor Coatings

Coating a floor with epoxy products is a fast way of upgrading them. When you apply these materials over existing concrete, it adds tons of character. You can easily tear out old carpet and have resin coat the subfloor. Or, if the space already uses cement as the floor, epoxy goes directly over.

First, your contractors will need to prep, clean, and repair the existing concrete. That guarantees a better bond with the resin-based coating system. As these floors hold up against stains, moisture, and scuffs, they are also very popular. Try them in a kitchen or laundry room for slip-resistance in areas that have spills and water.

Metallic Epoxy Floors

Some epoxy floors can seem singular and dull, metallic systems never bore. These unique surfaces combine colors and textures to develop a 3-D-like effect. You can also attempt a planned design, or allow for natural swirls to come through. You can also have metallic flakes and other additives included for extra flair.

These floors work especially well in living rooms and areas with furniture. The darker patterns, especially, help to hide regular wear and tear. When it’s time to clean, all you need is a dust mop or mild soap. You won’t believe how much quicker they are to keep clean versus carpet or hardwood.

Self-Leveling Floors

Not all epoxy products work in the same environments for one reason or another. Most importantly, if the poured concrete surface is in rough shape, it needs repairs first. Another solution to damaged or worn surfaces is self-leveling epoxy products. These resin formulas naturally find the lowest spots and fill them in.

As a result, you never need to fear uneven or slanted surfaces. This application is especially useful for garages, sunrooms, and other high-traffic areas. Other flooring systems would require extensive repairs first before installation. When you need a straightforward and affordable application, self-leveling epoxy is a great choice.

Self-Dispersing Epoxy

Whereas self-leveling products work great for creating even floors, self-dispersing makes them safer. These products settle so that you can enjoy uniformed durability throughout the room. You also receive improved slip-resistance, mainly when you include quartz sand with them. The added grit makes it easier to keep from slipping and sliding in the kitchen.

Best of all, they are ideal for heavy traffic areas in your building. They make for excellent entrance ways and common room flooring, as well as utility rooms. These floors also allow for decorative flakes to be added in as well. When you need lasting durability and custom designs, select these surfaces.

Solids-Based Epoxy Floors

Another reason why store-bought products fail is their ratio of resin to water. The more solvents and liquids present, the weaker the final floor becomes. On the other hand, the higher the solids levels, the denser it becomes.

When there is less moisture to evaporate out, it leaves mostly the resin behind. Once it cures, these floors feel nearly impenetrable, and they release fewer VOCs. When installed by professional contractors, they can last for decades.

When you find yourself especially worried about damage and wear and tear, select these floors. They withstand anything you can throw at them every day.

Water-Based Epoxy

Water-based epoxy will not cure as hard as those with higher solids counts. However, that does make it ideal for both applications and maintenance. Unlike other epoxy products, the body performs more like a sealant than a floor. Luckily, that comes in handy when trying to fill every cement surface pore. While not as strong as other floors, it still has its place. The increased water levels also give it a watercolor-like appearance.

We don’t recommend having these systems installed in heavy traffic areas. They can, though, dramatically change a home office, bedroom, or hallway.

Epoxy Mortar Floorings

When installing epoxy floor designs that are durable, you can’t beat mortar applications. These surfaces can withstand tons of force, making them ideal for parking vehicles. Traditionally, these products are used in industrial applications, especially near forklifts. Unfortunately, you won’t find as many ways to customize these floors versus other products.

That said, if you favor function over style, it’s tough to beat epoxy mortar. In areas with cracks or damage, it can also be used for repairs. You won’t find another product that offers as much strength as these floors. Although, they most certainly need an expert to maximize their effectiveness.

Quartz Epoxy Surfaces

Quartz epoxy floors add not only color but texture to your indoor areas. These products include quartz aggregates, so they drastically reduce slips and falls. Unlike other floors, these work great in bathrooms. Other systems can be too slick to risk getting wet, but these perform well. Whatever you spill on these floors, they clean quickly every time. From morning coffee to art supplies, your flooring stays protected.

These surfaces are also preferred for their decorative properties. You can include a variety of different color combinations for customized installations.

How Do I Epoxy Floor Designs That are Durable?

The good news is that most epoxy applications prove to be durable day after day. However, not all products will hold up. Water-based epoxies allow for vibrant colors but lack the body to offer lasting protection. On the other hand, you have mortar which doesn’t have as many options but it lasts longer.

When you need help choosing the best application, contact our installers. St. George Epoxy Flooring Pros always achieves your best flooring results.