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Stamped Concrete & Decorative Flooring in St. George UT

While cement foundation slabs make for gorgeous polished floors, stamped concrete, and decorative services enhance your home’s curb appeal.

From concrete overlays and stamps to specialty stains, and more, you need an expert team of contractors for lasting results.


Many factors work together to determine which concrete acid, stain, and installation techniques will work the best for your project. It also doesn’t help that roll-on products usually claim the same level of quality often fails before too much use.


Instead, you deserve the installation team behind Epoxy Floors St. George, Utah when you need to save on expert-quality designs. No one else throughout the greater St. George, UT, community, keeps your decorative concrete cost lower without sacrificing design results.


Whatever you expect to see from your new decorative concrete surfaces, we guarantee the best in local installation contractors around. Bring your outdoor living spaces to life today with our experienced service technicians, and save more on quality lasting designs.

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Decorative Concrete Installation Contractors in St. George UT

As more aSt. George homeowners discover the benefits of cement flooring, they soon ask about their backyard patios as well. And when you hire our contractors to enhance your home, it means better results inside and outdoors for any project.

You can enjoy a vibrant new driveway, artistic garage floor, decorative sidewalks and walkways, and more, at affordable installation costs. From lifelike cobblestone paths to polished interior surfaces, we can complete any job you have in store for our team.

No matter where you have dull gray cement, we can enhance their appearance and durability at lower daily contractor pricing. Choose us for your decorative concrete installation today and see expert-quality results for your exterior and indoor living spaces with:

Decorative Concrete st.George UT
  •         Stamped Concrete
  •         Dyed Cement
  •         Concrete Overlays
  •         Polished Concrete
  •         Stained Concrete
  •         Knock Down Texture
  •         Decorative Interior Floors
  •         Exterior Decorative Surfaces
  •         Cement Repairs & Resurfacing
  •         Free Service Quotes
  •         And more cement contractor services.

We offer a cost-effective way to add tons of value to more areas throughout your property at affordable installation costs. Whether you need to update your living room or your swimming pool patio, you can count on us each time.

How Much Does My Epoxy Garage Floor Cost?

One of the top reasons to upgrade your garage with epoxy flooring is how affordable labor and materials will cost. Resin surfaces remain among the most economical ways of enhancing your home, especially in storage areas, carports, garages, and more.

And because it stays resistant to corrosive acids, goopy paints, automotive fluids, and other stains, cleaning it remains a breeze. A dry dust mop or a damp cloth and general use detergents prove all you need for clean, shining floors.

You can anticipate installation costs that undercut any carpet, hardwood, or tile and grout contractors while outperforming every other material.  Convert your home’s garage into an elegant collector’s showroom or automotive repair shop, all at affordable rates offered every day.

St. George UT Garage Floor Epoxy Services

Despite using very few materials, your garage floor epoxy can take a wide range of design choices, including custom patterns. From three-dimensional metallic shapes to seamless unified surfaces, we can complete any projects you need to see installed.

Whether you have designs planned or have seen an image online, we can bring them all to life for less. You no longer have to depend on cheap Do It Yourself kits or paint-based alternatives again when you call us.

Whatever it takes to create your ideal new epoxy garage floors, we guarantee better results at lower costs each time. Contact us now to schedule our talented installation team for your home improvement project, and keep your expenses lower for:

  •         Self-Leveling Floors
  •         Self-Dispersing Epoxy
  •         Solids-Based Epoxy Floors
  •         Water-Based Epoxy
  •         Epoxy Mortar Floorings
  •         Quartz Epoxy Surfaces
  •         Epoxy Flake Flooring
  •         Metallic Epoxy Floors
  •         And more garage floor epoxy types.

From keeping your home better protected against impacts and chemicals, to enhancing its sense of décor, we can assist you. See the designs you want the most and stop spending more than you should by hiring our garage epoxy contractors.

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Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete overlays allow us to imprint a design directly into the surface, creating realistic finished results that last longer. Enjoy mimicked cobblestones, faux brick and stone pavers, and natural building materials without tearing down or replacing your existing cement.

Dyed Cement

In addition to decorative stamped overlays, we can take your designs a step further with coloration dyes that offer options. Unlike stains, which lean towards earth tones, we can add more patterns and textures for lifelike results and unique designs.

Concrete Overlays

Decorative concrete overlays allow you to hide existing imperfections and stains by installing a new top layer that permanently bonds. This option is ideal for areas that can’t withstand polishing or acid stains, as well as those needing adhesive resurfacing.

Polished Concrete

Polishing concrete requires specialized sanding equipment, specifically etching pads tipped with artificial diamonds so that the cement pores get exposed. Once they are, they quickly take to any new stains, dyes, or other decorative features both inside houses and outdoors.

Stained Concrete

Although stained concrete surfaces don’t have as many color options, they still prove useful at adding value and curb appeal. Acid stains trigger a chemical reaction with cement, meaning that once they’re in place, they won’t smudge, smear, or fade.

Knockdown Texture Cement

Knockdown textured concrete, also known as trowel-on, gives your hardened surfaces a softer orange peel appearance, similar to indoor ceilings. Ideal for swimming pool patios and areas that can benefit from added texture, it’s a simple touch that gets results.

Decorative Interior Floors

Decorative concrete surfaces not only make for gorgeous backyard entertainment areas but attractive and durable interior flooring options as well. When rooms have a cement subfloor or access to the foundation slab, they can get used for unique floors, too.

Exterior Decorative Surfaces

While your home’s indoor areas prove easy to decorate and style, many people struggle with enhancing their outdoor living spaces. By improving an otherwise dull, hard surface with vibrant colors, patterns, and textures, you can set your property apart quickly.

Cement Repairs & Resurfacing

For as durable and long-lasting as cured concrete remains even it needs a contractor team for repairs, resurfacing, and more. From existing decorative concrete that has gotten damaged, to regular wear and tear, we can assist you at lower costs.

The Best St. George UT Decorative Concrete Contractors Near Me

Transforming flat, gray cement into gorgeous, unique designs requires an experienced team of service contractors for your best results possible. No matter your design choices or what you need from your surfaces, hire us at Epoxy Floors St. George, Utah.