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Our group remains a subsidiary of Xtreme Polishing Systems, or XPS Utah, making us your local leading epoxy provider around. In addition to unique resin designs and quality installations, we also offer decorative solutions for cement flooring surfaces as well.

From polishing foundation slabs to building one-of-a-kind floors from scratch, we continue to push what epoxy and concrete can do. Whether you need a long-lasting alternative to traditional materials or need to add value quickly, we can help you best.

What We Do

As a leading name in epoxy flooring not just in St. George, UT, but the nation, more homeowners hire us. And because we manufacture equipment, products, and even train other installers, you can count on us for superior flooring designs.

Today’s homeowners want to see the lasting durability of industrial facilities combined with customized colors, patterns, textures, and other elements. Whether you prefer the appearance of interior epoxy floors or decorative outdoor concrete, we install them all for less.

Our Flooring Systems

One of the fastest-growing flooring materials in terms of popularity are interior epoxy surfaces for virtually any interior living areas. These floors also offer a surprising number of options in customizability from their finish sheen to what colors get used.

From minimalistic uninformed choices to three-dimension patterns and swirls, there’s nothing that a professional epoxy floor installation can’t accomplish. Give your home a new look at lower costs today and hire our team for your projects for:

  •         Epoxy Coatings
  •         Garage Floor Epoxy
  •         Graveled Epoxy
  •         Interior Floor Coatings
  •         Polished Concrete
  •         Metallic Epoxy
  •         Mortar Epoxy
  •         Self-Dispersing Resin Floors
  •         Self-Leveling Floor Coatings
  •         Solids-Based Epoxy
  •         Water-Based Epoxy
  •         And more epoxy flooring systems.

Imagine the lasting durability of poured cement with dazzling designs, glossy surfaces, or even false building material stamps and overlays. No matter what styles you prefer or your design aesthetic, you can enjoy lasting results and gorgeous new floors with:

  •         Cement Repairs & Resurfacing
  •         Concrete Overlays
  •         Decorative Interior Floors
  •         Dyed Cement
  •         Exterior Decorative Surfaces
  •         Knock Down Texture
  •         Polished Concrete
  •         Stained Concrete
  •         Stamped Concrete
  •         And more decorative concrete installations.
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